Day 26 – Regroup

Today’s post is a bit of a lecture….the art of regrouping.

Have you heard of it? Have you tried it? Don’t be afraid of it!

Sometimes life can seem tough, it can seem crazy or a serious of accidents or mishaps can make you really down and depressed. The world might seem against you but believe me it’s not.

Don’t get down, don’t go crazy, take some time and regroup.

Go back to something that makes you feel better, lose yourself in an old positive memory.

Today was a bad day. My car decided to stop working, I smashed my instrument I use in my classes, my roof is leaking and my scanner exploded! Not much in the grand scheme of things but nevertheless there were some serious expletives said and a lot of banging items around.

Then I remembered to regroup. I turned some music on, I watched a TV show and turned my phone off. I sat and just watched for an hour and I regrouped. I calmed myself, I relaxed and low and behold I realised it’s nothing to stress out about. It can all be fixed with time and some patience.

So today, even though you may seem like you have to keep bashing away and trying to fix everything and be productive, don’t be afraid to take a break. Breathe, lose yourself in music, or art, or watch TV and take some time out.

Good luck learning to regroup!

Ciao for now x

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