This blog represents a huge step forward in my life. Being an investment banker for close to ten years, the thought of exploring my natural love for food, fitness and health and finding ways to express myself in all those fields is both daunting and exciting.

An introduction and love of Zumba from one of my best friends opened me up to a whole new world of exciting things. I now teach Zumba twice a week in Hackney Central, am a certified Nutritional Therapist, am studying various other Nutrition courses such as Sports, Exercise and Fitness nutrition as well as  being an avid Yoga and Pilates practitioner all on the side of my day job (yes it’s that exhausting!!).

This blog came about from people asking for my help and tips when it came to food and even though I studied the nutrition for myself it has been so refreshing and enjoyable to share my knowledge and go on this journey with others.

So read, try, change, morph into your own thing and most importantly keep in touch! I love to hear what people have done with the foundation I might have given them or even just inspired them to follow and am always learning myself so spread the knowledge!

Enjoy x


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