Tess – Yogi extraordinaire!


Dipping in and out of various yoga classes since 2002, it was in 2008 that Tess truly discovered the magic and essence of yoga whilst attending Rebecca (Rivkah) Parker’s classes at the formerly known Green’s fitness centre in London. She is forever grateful to all the teachers who have inspired her, guided her and continue to teach her the values and facts about this beautiful practice.

She feels very proud to have been trained by Air-Yoga’s beautiful teachers, who have guided and mentored her through her teacher training.  However, she remains a student, open to learn more and be guided by those who have walked the path.

Tess has a natural zest for life that shines through in everything she does, especially her yoga. Fun and playful, yet challenging she encourages participants to find their way with a smile. Bringing the same positivity to all her classes, whether teaching children’s yoga or adults, it is her own enthusiasm for exploration and discovery that encourages people to delve a bit deeper into their own practice.

Come with an open mind and a smile and discover what you might be ready for today, for today and this moment is all there is.


Tess Theron

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