PorridgeToday we are going to create a delicious porridge recipe. This recipe is what I call my 'naked' recipe and by that I don't mean that I make it while naked! It means that this is the foundation recipe, the start recipe that can be amended, changed or made even better by adding a few delicious treats.

Although it doesn't look amazing, it tastes brilliant and is packed with so much goodness it will help get your day started right

20g chia seeds - full of fiber, protein, fats (good ones) and calcium just to name a few!

20g shredded coconut

30g oats - not the instant type, the ones that need proper cooking! Another brilliant source of carbohydrates, fat and protein

20g flax seeds - packed with fiber and omega 3, another one of those really good fats that you need to help your body

300ml coconut milk - any milk substitute would be good here, I prefer the flavour of coconut milk and it has lots of good fats

2 teaspoons of cinnamon

Recipe couldn't be easier to make. You just put all the ingredients into a pan and boil for about 5 minutes, or until it is the consistency you want it.

I've added a dollop of strawberry jam to mine, but you can add frozen berries, fruits, or anything else to spice yours up

Ciao for now x