Mel's journey has been an interesting one. He's worked in finance, PR and for charities. However, his passion has always been to help people in some way.

In the last few years he stumbled in to his first Zumba class which ignited something different in him. He learnt to love to dance. Through his dance he learnt to help support himself with yoga.

Yoga and meditation have bought Mel a sense of serenity that helps him balance the different parts of himself.

You'll always find a smile on his face and a crude joke he's ready to crack. Whether through dance fitness or yoga, his classes are always energetic and you will feel like you are getting a much harder workout than you expected but we guarantee you'll be laughing and smiling the entire way through.


Dipping in and out of various yoga classes since 2002, it was in 2008 that Tess truly discovered the magic and essence of yoga whilst attending Rebecca (Rivkah) Parker’s classes at the formerly known Green’s fitness centre in London.

Tess has a natural zest for life that shines through in everything she does, especially her yoga. Fun and playful, yet challenging she encourages participants to find their way with a smile. Bringing the same positivity to all her classes, whether teaching children’s yoga or adults, it is her own enthusiasm for exploration and discovery that encourages people to delve a bit deeper into their own practice.


Tess Theron


ShakeUp are a group of individuals who want to change lives with smiles.

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