Bear ABL

Bears represent strength and courage in the Native American culture. They are slow, steady and strong. In the second of their Native American series, Tess and Mel will use these characteristics and more to channel the bear and explore it’s nature in your yoga practice. Combining breathing, meditation and a slow and steady Vinyasa sequence focused on helping you to ground, will allow the bear to come to life. Everyone welcome.

Sunday 29th October // 2.00pm - 5.00pm // £30

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Eagle ABL

In nature, eagles fly free, soaring above the land and seeing all while still being able to swoop in and move to their target swiftly. Join Tess and Mel for the third instalment of their Native American series and learn how to find your own freedom of spirit and movement. Fly free with meditation, an intense Vinyasa sequence to help you learn to rise up with a strong foundation, as well as some breathing exercises. Everyone welcome.

Sunday 16th November // 2.00pm - 5.00pm // £30

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