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Punch the waves – #WetWednesdays


When you were a kid did you ever play fight with waves? I did, well I mean, I still do! haha when that wave comes in, ball your fist up and punch it with all your might.

It’s incredible the strength you use and how the resistance pushing back on your hand really works your arm. Try comparing it to the slice we did last week.

Go to the pool and try the too. What is harder? What is easier? Can you feel the resistance more in your arms when you punch it? Can you feel the difference and how hard it is?

There are a number of ways you can change your hand movement to get a higher or lower level of workout.

What about if you slice your hand to the side, how does that feel? Now try balling your fist. You have more of your hand exposed to the water now so you can really feel a big difference. Creating a smaller plane that’s exposed to the the water will make less impact and less resistance.

Playing with different hand movements is so much fun and makes me feel like a kid again. Hit the pool, have a play and enjoy yourself. Experiment, be a child and lose your inhibitions.

Ciao for now x

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Day 24 – Reflection

Smile babyToday's post is more about reflection. The aim is to make you consider your life and to consider your choices. To look back on all you have done, all that has bought to you to this point and smile.

Throughout most people's lives they reflect, they regret, they look back and they try to change their future. What about taking a slightly different view however.

How about instead of looking back with regret we simply look back. We analyse and acknowledge all of the things that have bought us to be the person that we are; the good AND the bad. Yes we have all been through heartbreak, all faced disappointment, all suffered but we are still here. Still surviving and still finding joy in lots of different things that life has to give us.

Instead of planning for tomorrow by trying to lay out a step by step plan, how about we write down the dreams and work on today. Work on what we can do this day, this moment that may be a step forward towards that dream or  goal. It may be a giant step, it may be a pigeon step but it will still be a step.

The best description I can give is to live like a child. A child you ask?!

Does a child think about what game they will play tomorrow? Does a child think about the fact they may be sick tomorrow? Does a child wonder about the dirty nappy they left you yesterday that gave them a bad stomach? No. No. and No.

A child lives for today, for this moment. It enjoys the life it currently has and shares pure, unadulterated joy. They smile and it lights up a room. They giggle and infect everyone around them to do the same.

So today, forget your woes. If you take one thing from this post, let it be that you try and live like a child and enjoy what you are doing right now.

Ciao for now x

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Day 14 – Yoga and kids

Anyone who knows me knows that I love jamming out to a song. I love to sing along and I love to dance and that's why I love my Zumba and Dance Fitness class that happen twice a week.

But, did you know that I also do yoga and I like to use it as time to gather my thoughts and to understand what's going on in my life and maybe see a new perspective on something that has been bothering me.

A lot of us understand the health benefits of yoga, but not a lot of people really consider it as something they should be introducing their child too. Yet starting yoga from a young age can help in so many ways. Today I want to show just a few of those and hopefully convince you why I believe so strongly in kids doing yoga:

  1. It improves your posture and flexibility. For children whose bodies are still developing and growing it makes sure that they grow in the right way, in the right postures and with internal strength that will do them wonders all through later life
  2. It can lower blood pressure, improve bone health, help with overall wellbeing and help get rid of impurities in the body.
  3. Teach you how to use breath to relax, focus and sleep better and we all know how much growing children need to sleep!
  4. Builds awareness. Awareness of your own body and of your surroundings. That can be very much estimated in adults and the power it can have on your wellbeing, the natural intuition of your body, where it is and what it is doing. Imagine the power it can have  on a child growing through adolescence, through growth spurts that leave them uncoordinated or struggling to feel comfortable in their body.
  5. Can be such a powerful tool in the fight against abuse, bullying and so many other scenarios where it is hard to work with a child. Being able to draw discussion, self reflection, focus, calming, breathing and strengthening in both body and mind can be an amazing feeling.

Those are just a handful. Listing all the benefits would take forever. My advice, if you have a child, get them signed up to a yoga class if you can. There are dozens of teachers like me that teach in schools, nurseries, we can set up private classes, birthday parties or a whole host of other venues.

If you're not sure where to start just drop me a line on here, give me a call on 07708 996 234. No question is too silly.


Ciao for now x

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