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Day 30 – Travelling and eating well

This post is more relevant today as I've decided to head off to Paris for the weekend and one of the hardest things about travelling is eating right!

When you're away it's easy to fall into the habits of bread, excessive carbs, ice cream, cake, sweets etc and that's fine now and again but be careful you don't reverse all the hard work you do day in and day out by pigging out.

I have had experiences in the past where I go crazy, enjoy all the things that I haven't been eating back at home and then I feel lethargic, reluctant to go out and explore or even crazily take a nap while I'm in a beautiful new place.

Here are a few top tips from me for staying healthy while on the go:

  1. Travel time - try to plan and pack something for the journey. I find that is the hardest time to eat well because most of the time flights, trains, buses or even drives are starting really early in the morning and you just want something to eat and don't have much time to make something. Make it the night before and try to be as good as you can. I had a Eurostar this morning at 8.10 am which meant I had to be up for 5.30am (to be functioning even slightly!). Last night I boiled two eggs, made a home baked baguette and inside put a mashed avocado and some fresh home baked ham (I roast a whole joint then slice it and freeze the slices in small packets to use at a later date). Not only that but when I made my morning smoothie yesterday morning I made double the quantity and simply drank that today. All that was done at 6am this morning, very blurry eyed was to eat the baguette and drink the smoothie in front of the TV while I mentally woke up and packed my stomach full of good things to start the day.
  2. Learn some basic language - let's be clear here I'm not suggesting you learn the entire language but if there are specifically things you don't like or really love then learn that word. My favourites are the word for vegetable, avocado and fresh juice. That way you might still want to be a bit naughty but you can't go wrong if you've asked for some grilled vegetables on the side. Equally if there is something you specifically don't like then learn it! No point complaining there are mushrooms in your meal if you didn't learn the word for mushrooms which was staring at you from the menu description!!
  3. Research some cool restaurants - have a look online and see what restaurants are around. Not all of them have to be super healthy but you can normally check out menus online and see what foods people offer so why not plan a little bit about where you could go for an evening.
  4. Have fun and treat yourself - don't get too caught up in trying to be good the entire time you are away. Yes you shouldn't go crazy and eat 5 cakes in a day either but give yourself a treat, you are on holiday. Try not to stress too much about it but equally do not be counting calories.

That's all for now but if you know you are going away then you have a checklist of things to do for your trip anyway....plan your food as part of that checklist!

Ciao for now x

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Day 7 – Feed the Freezer!

Turkey Stock, Peas, Broccolli Frozen Strawberries Bread, Herbs

Today's post is slightly different to normal. No knowledge imparting, no demonstration of moves, no recipes.

Today we talk about a general tip that might help you be healthier and manage your food, meals and diets in a better way.

Feeding the freezer is a great phrase. I am a massive fan of doing so! My schedule is a bit all over the place and the biggest issue I had was getting fresh fruit and vegetables in my diet and keeping them long enough so they didn't go off. So I started freezing. I am lucky enough to have two freezers, one of which is my height and is packed with things in every single drawer!!

I have frozen fruits which are amazing for smoothies in the morning and I have vegetables which I use in every meal I cook. Today I made a pasta bake, fresh sauce and I used frozen carrots, frozen onions, frozen garlic, frozen mushrooms, frozen peas and even the mince meat I used was frozen, but taken out yesterday so it could defrost properly.

Using my freezer is the best thing. Now I always have fruit and vegetables to hand and such a wide variety that you couldn't imagine. I can buy things cheaply when they are on special offer, sometimes just £1 for an entire bowl and they get put in the freezer. Some vegetables are chopped or chunked and frozen in their bags, otherwise are frozen whole.

Not only that but when I create a meal, I always over cook. It is crazy how much I always end up cooking but then they go in small containers and get frozen. On days when I don't have the time or energy to cook I just grab a home made ready meal and dinner is done!

So give it a go, get started and make space in the freezer. Throw out the ice cream, the ice lollies and any other things that shouldn't be in there and then get out and buy as much fruit and vegetables as you can fit in there and get feeding that freezer!!

Enjoy and ciao for now x

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