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The Running Man – #ThrowbackThursdays

The Running Man. A classic move for anyone who has ever danced to an 80’s track. A little bit of MC Hammer or the spectacular Janet Jackson.

The running man is an institution. Done very simply by running on the spot and letting your feet slide backwards before coming back to the front and repeating. A great move that uses your arms to help pull you backwards and works those legs by marching forwards.

Have you done the running man? If not, why not? give it a go today and remember the biggest thing you need to be able to do the running man is a smile and have some fun!

Ciao for now x

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Day 24 – Reflection

Smile babyToday's post is more about reflection. The aim is to make you consider your life and to consider your choices. To look back on all you have done, all that has bought to you to this point and smile.

Throughout most people's lives they reflect, they regret, they look back and they try to change their future. What about taking a slightly different view however.

How about instead of looking back with regret we simply look back. We analyse and acknowledge all of the things that have bought us to be the person that we are; the good AND the bad. Yes we have all been through heartbreak, all faced disappointment, all suffered but we are still here. Still surviving and still finding joy in lots of different things that life has to give us.

Instead of planning for tomorrow by trying to lay out a step by step plan, how about we write down the dreams and work on today. Work on what we can do this day, this moment that may be a step forward towards that dream or  goal. It may be a giant step, it may be a pigeon step but it will still be a step.

The best description I can give is to live like a child. A child you ask?!

Does a child think about what game they will play tomorrow? Does a child think about the fact they may be sick tomorrow? Does a child wonder about the dirty nappy they left you yesterday that gave them a bad stomach? No. No. and No.

A child lives for today, for this moment. It enjoys the life it currently has and shares pure, unadulterated joy. They smile and it lights up a room. They giggle and infect everyone around them to do the same.

So today, forget your woes. If you take one thing from this post, let it be that you try and live like a child and enjoy what you are doing right now.

Ciao for now x

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Day 10 – Example choreo – What do you mean?

So for the last few videos I've showed you two of the moves needed for our final choreography for our full song.

Today is just a little video taken by one of my class in last week's class. Obviously I wasn't completely aware this was being taken until mid way through the video hence my laughter but this should give you an idea of what we are building up to and what you can expect the final song to look like.

Enjoy it, have a laugh at how red and sweaty I am and if you feel brave enough why not give it a little go with just this short clip.

Ciao for now x

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