The elusive Unicorn

Working in the financial industry since I was 19 has been hard work. The pressures, the politics and the mind games that go alongside the day to day job are what I have always found the hardest to manage.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I have spent years trying to figure out ways to get out of the city for good and every time I do it lasts just a little bit longer.

My recent love for fitness has spurred me to try and find the impossible. A part time job in the city that pays enough to cover my mortgage and my bills and to give me a little bit of extra income. Being part time it would allow me to study and do fitness on the side so I could continue to increase my knowledge and practice my passion.

But as the title of this post suggests, it is the elusive Unicorn.....or so I thought.

Today was day 1 of my new job. I have a contract that is officially a 3 day a week role. Some weeks it is 2 days, some 3 and some times 4. The salary is a contractor rate which even on a 3 day a week role pays me enough to pay for my mortgage and my bills. I am still doing two half days a week teaching yoga to children. I will be covering and teaching at gyms. I will still be doing ShakeUpFit.

I started today and not only does it work perfectly in terms of part time and salary but I have to say it has surprised me with how much fun it seems. It's casual dress, we all have the flexibility to work from home, we have a cool coffee bar in the lobby which gives us free tea and coffee, the design floors are covered with screenshots and designs all over the walls. We have real kitchens, a terrace to use in the summer and even fuzzball for us to use and loads of sofa break out spaces!!

The moral of the story? You may think that Unicorn's may be legendary and mythical but just because you haven't seen one doesn't mean they don't exist. You just have to look hard enough and be lucky enough and you never know, you may just find that Unicorn, or that Gryphon, Phoenix or whatever else you want to call your perfect dream.

Ciao for now x