My first blog post! Eeeek how exciting and yet also scary as I know there will be some of you out there that will be reading and editing this as we speak (I see you Sutton!)

So, why a blog first? Well, alongside the natural progression of my regular Zumba classes, there happens to be a lot of knowledge in my little head around food, eating, cooking and just generally being able to manage food, fitness and everything else we have going on in our hectic lives. A few of you have tasted the yummy (even if I do say so myself) treats that I've played with and experimented with and the most important part of this learning curve is hearing what you have to say.

This blog hopefully will keep the ball rolling with that concept, I'll be posting food 'experiments', my favourite recipes and maybe in the future expand this out to some of the fitness based elements I've picked up over the years. I'll also be posting just general waffle which you'll no doubt skip through!

That's it for now but read, spread the word, enjoy and please try out the stuff I post and message me! Even if you think they are terrible (the chocolate ones, ugh!!!) I want to hear it, it's the only way I can improve on it and not (un)intentionally give people food poisoning (insert evil cackle here).

Happy Sunday lovelies.

Ciao for now