This website is about something different. It’s about health, wellbeing , fitness and just generally enjoying life, all with a smile on your face.


Created and started by Mel, this entire journey started on a ne w type of Zumba class. Mixing up Zumba moves with new and old chart tracks, offering fun and lively encouragement and welcoming everyone to a community of people trying to get fit.

Expanding to become a nutritional therapist and then a yoga instructor, Mel brings his usual zest for life to everything he does.


The team now consists of Tess and Mel who deliver classes to the same group. Mel delivers the dance based classes and Tess the yoga. More will be on it’s way but feel free to drop us a line if you want to know anything else or feel free to drop in and see us sometime!


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Back poses….on the farm?! – #StretchSundays

Cat and Cow poses – Marjaryasana and Bitilasana An extremely underestimated series of stretches that is great for anyone with slight back pains. I’ve been in the office before where people have got lower back pains and have had to work still and I’ve made them get on the floor in the middle of the … Continue reading Back poses….on the farm?! – #StretchSundays

How to communicate – #ThrowbackThursdays

  Today’s #ThrowbackThursday post is going old school. It’s talking about the world before the internet and all it has bought with it. Let’s not confuse things, I love the internet. I love the digital age and I especially love having access to all the knowledge and information the internet can offer you at the swipe … Continue reading How to communicate – #ThrowbackThursdays

When the location dictates the teacher – #TalkToMeTuesdays

As my journey along this fitness path continues I’m learning more and more about lots of things. What type of teachers I like, what type of venue, how far I’m willing to travel and how much I am willing to pay. You start the journey wanting a class for convenience but slowly you can outgrow … Continue reading When the location dictates the teacher – #TalkToMeTuesdays

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